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Macaron Wedding Favours

The macaron (MAH-KAH-RON): This little but not so simple, French decorative treat is something we'd like to introduce you to. Out with the old and in with the new! The magnificent macaron has indeed become the new cupcake! We find it perfect for every event- from weddings to baby showers.

Do you know what makes macarons so amazing? The fact that they're super adaptable to a variety of colours and yummy fillings! You can hand paint them and even build the most elegant macaron towers for a wedding. What we've found, is that they make the most grand wedding favours- a beautiful + edible gift for each wedding guest (win-win!).

Our macaron tower trend kicked off after we had done one for a lovely bride who got married at Groenrivier venue. From there, we played around with the idea and with designs - by September 2017 we had many brides ordering the same for their wedding. Both they and we were delighted!

And of course, we wanted to share our love for macarons with you, so that you too can consider swapping cupcakes for macarons or repetitive wedding favours for something different, personalized, handmade and delicious.

More creations and inspo for you below! Send us a mail to place your order.

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