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5 Tiers Of Elegance

First things first...if a bride tells you her wedding will be taking place at Cavalli Estate our eyes immediately light up and we know that we need to create a cake which not only the bride LOVES but which also compliments the impressive aesthetic of the venue (challenge accepted...and with so much excitement!).

The Fraser wedding this past weekend was no exception. The stunning white-on-white with touches of greenery had us even more excited. This may just have been one of our favourite cakes to create. The flavours of the cakes included: chocolate fudge with salted caramel and espresso chocolate buttercream and lemon-blueberry with cream cheese icing.

An important side-note: wedding cakes are always quite stressful because you want to make sure that your bride's vision for her special day comes to life 100%, but when it's a 5 tier wedding cake on a swing suspended from the ceiling this does take the stress levels up a notch.

But boy-oh-boy, it's an amazing sight to see once it's all set up- and it's then when we give each other the "I'm so smug"-look and of course high five each other.

So here's how it all went down:

For larger tiered cakes (like this one) we transport the tiers separately and stack them on arrival, this time was definitely more tricky as it was on a swing, with the bottom tier alone weighing about 18kg!! (We used wooden dowels to support the tiers).

We usually do finishing touches, piping borders and add our last floral arrangements at the venue. With both us being the perfectionists we are, we won’t stop until we know that it is perfect and that no leaf or flower is out of place.

Here we are throughout the process... click on the images for a detailed description and let us know what you think!


Jade & Lesley xxx

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